Action Form

What is Action Form?

Action Form is the most powerful, flexible, secure, fast, and easy-to-use tool that enables the creation of amazing web forms. The web is all about interaction, and web forms are an essential part of that. Forms created by Action Form are completely customizable, giving you the power to make any type of form you can imagine, e.g. surveys, contact forms, widgets, and lead generation forms etc. Moreover, it takes just minutes to set up even the most complex forms for your website, with no programming and technical experience required.

Why Action Form?

Action Form is the fastest DNN Forms solution for controlling access to portal resources, for collecting data from users before granting them access, for updating profiles, building registration and log in forms, for controlling exactly how the data is pushed into the database using SQL Queries, and for much more.

Once you begin collecting results, it provides powerful functions covering workflows, marketing, sharing, downloading security, and tracking. Action Form makes possible carrying out a real-time interaction through a variety of fields.

With regular updates, enjoy an even faster and more lightweight builder, providing you with all the modern features.

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