Multi File Upload

This field is a File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag & drop support and progress bar.

On submit, it creates tokens [<FieldName>] (filename on the server), [<FieldName>:FileIds], [<FieldName>:Filestates] (file States: new/existing/delete), [<FieldName>:Count], [<FieldName>:PortalRelativeUrls], [<FieldName>:RelativeUrls], [<FieldName>:Filenames], [<FieldName>:FolderId],[<FieldName>:FolderPath].

Drawing AddOn required: When a create thumbnail action is used it also creates [<FieldName>:ThumbanilUrls],[<FieldName>:ThumbanilUrlsAsJson],[<FieldName>:ThumbanilIds],[<FieldName>:ThumbanilNames],[<FieldName>:ThumbanilNamesAsJson].


  • Filename Pattern

    • Optionally provide a pattern to use for filenames on the server. For example "[User:Username]-avatar". Leave blank to use the original filename. Here you can use [<FieldName>], [<FieldName>:FileName], [<FieldName>:FileNameAndExtension], [<FieldName>:FileExtension] (note the file name is before the duplication handling). Supports My Tokens.
  • For Each File

    • Execute actions on each uploaded file. Following tokens are available: [FileName] [RelativeUrl], [AbsoluteUrl], [FilePath] (physical path), [LinkClick], [Stream] (file stream, for example to upload into database), [Base64], [FileSize], [FileSizeB], [FileSizeKB], [FileSizeMB], [FileSizeGB], [MimeType], [FileId], [FolderId], [FolderPath], [FileExtension].

      Also creates [FileOrThumbnailNameAndExtension]. This token contains the file name and extension, but if the field is used in a create thumbnail action it will be overwritten with then thumbnail value.

  • File Types

    • Optionally provide a series of file types to limit the upload to these specific types. For example "txt,cs,doc".
  • File Size Limit

    • Optionally provide a file size(MB) to limit the upload. For example "12.8". Use file size [FieldName:FileSize] and file size unit tokens [FieldName:FileSizeB], [FieldName:FileSizeKB], [FieldName:FileSizeMB], [FieldName:FileSizeGB]; file extension token [FieldName:FileExtension] and [FieldName:MimeType] token.
  • Upload to Folder

    • Choose the folder to upload the files
  • Handle Duplicates

    • Overwrite

    • Rename

  • Automatically add unknown extensions to Host settings

    • This setting can harm your website or its users. Use with caution.

How to edit the uploaded images

  • add a for on a page;

  • add Multi File Upload field;

  • optionally specify File Types and File Size Limit;

  • set the location on Upload to Folder;

  • add a button

  • add Redirect to URL action

  • set [_EditUrl] token on the URL field

  • save

  • upload multiple images and click on the button
    => as an expected result, the redirect is made to an "edit" page where a query string is loaded into the url and you have the possibility to remove existing images to upload new ones.

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