Progress Bar

A progress bar can be used to indicate to a user the progress of an operation.

Getting started:

Add an Action Form module to your page, go to Manage Form, and select Start from Scratch.

Add a Progress Bar field

Set the preferred Display, Animation and Values

Add a Slider field(under Multiple Choice)

Set the preferred Values

Add the Slider's fieldID token on the Progress Bar's Bind Expressions, in the Value field

Settings Reference:
  • Shape

    • Select a form. Can be Line, Circle or Semicircle
  • Display Text

    • Choose an option for text. Can be Percentage or Value
  • Min Value

    • Minimum of the range where the percentage will be calculated. Can be negative. Default 0. (eg. 20).
  • Max Value

    • Maximum of the range where the percentage will be calculated. Default 100. (eg. 80).
  • Stroke color

    • Enter Color (eg. red #00ff00 rgb(0,0,255)).
  • Trail color

    • Enter Color (eg. red #00ff00 rgb(0,0,255)).
  • Stroke Width

    • Thickness of the stroke (eg. 2).
  • Trail Width

    • Thickness of the trail (eg. 1).
  • Animation

    • Type of animation on value change. It can be: easInOut or Bounce
  • Animation Duration

    • Time in milliseconds. Disable with -1. (eg. 1400)
  • Change color on value

    • Set the color of the progress bar once it reaches the specified value. Multiple steps can be added. (eg 20(Value) - red(Color))

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