Date And Time

This component consists of 2 subcomponent UI widgets: one for the date and one for the time selection process.

Allows users to select date and/or time. On submit, this field will generate the following tokens: [<FieldName>] (which yields the value), [<FieldName>:Date], [<FieldName>Day], [<FieldName>:Month], [<FieldName>:Year], [<FieldName>:DayOfMonth], [<FieldName>:DayOfYear], [<FieldName>:Time], [<FieldName>:Hour], [<FieldName>:Minute], [<FieldName>:Iso]


  • DateTime Picker Type
    • Date and Time
    • Date
    • Time
  • DateTime Format

    • Optionally, provide a custom date/time format, the default format is MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm. Leave empty to take the server locale default format.
  • Other Options for Datepicker (JSON)

    • Optionally provide a JSON object with other options to pass into the Date Picker options. For example, write { showWeeks: true }, please check the documentation.

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