Copy File

This action allows you to copy a file to a specified path.

You can edit the following fields:

  • Description . A short description for the action. Only admins will be able to see this field.
  • Error Message . An error message that will be displayed in case if a error occurs in this action.
  • Condition . This boolean expression is used to determine if this action will execute. Use it to enable or disable actions programatically. For example, you'd enable a ShowError action only if you've found an error let's say when you parsed a response from a web service. A common example is [SomeField] == "Some Value". This field supports My Tokens.
  • File Identifier . It can be: The file ID (Example: 77), the file path (Example: Images/Cars/Ford.jpg) or the file path from current portal (Example: Portals/0/Images/Cars/Ford.jpg). Supports My Tokens.
  • Destination Folder . This field supports expressions, by passing the path of the destination folder.

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