Permission Grid

In order to add the Permission Grid field on the form, you need to select it from Add Field section > Security > Permission Grid.

Getting started:

Add an Action Form module to your page, go to Manage Form, and select Start from Scratch.

Add a Permission Grid field

Set the roles(ex:Registered Users, Subscribers)

Set the permissions(ex: View, Edit)

Set Load Permissions(ex: View for Key, [ViewToken] for Roles)

Add a button with an Update Page action - on the action set the Permissions similar to the previous step

Settings Reference:
  • Roles

    • Input one role name or ID per line. Special roles "All Users" and "Unauthenticated Users" are also supported. Supports contextual tokens, such as [RoleName]
  • Permissions

    • Input one permission name per line. They don't need to map to anything from DNN. The permissions in this grid are given a meaning later depending on the context in which they're used.
  • Load Permissions

    • Load permissions from tokens. The first column would contain VIEW or EDIT or other permission that you wish to load. The second column is a comma delimited list of role IDs or role names. It can also be permissions loaded with a LoadPage or LoadModule action. Supports contextual tokens, such as [Roles]

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