Display Toast Message

This action displays a simple notification/information to a user in a small popup. It only fills the amount of space required for the message to be displayed and the current activity remains visible and interactive. Toasts automatically disappear after a set timeout. What you can configure:

Heading - Optional heading to be shown on the toast. Supports My Tokens;

Message - the text contained by the Toast Message. Supports My Tokens;

Type - multiple types of messages: default, warning, success, error, info;

Background Color - the color of the displayed message (eg. red #00ff00 rgb(0,0,255)). Each Type has a default background color, leave this option unset to use the default. Supports My Tokens.

Transition - it can be set on: fade, slide, plain;

Allow toast close - Enable (x) to close the toast at will;

Hide (with transition^) after (ms) - time in which the toast will close automatically. Time is in milliseconds. Supports My Tokens;

Stack Length - 1 if there should be only one toast at a time or a number representing the maximum number of toasts to be shown at a time. Supports My Tokens;

Toast Position - it can be set on: bottom (left, right, center), top (left, right, center), middle center;

Text Alignment - it can be set on: left, right, center;

Show Loader - displays a progress bar;

Loader Color - the color of the progress bar (eg. red #00ff00 rgb(0,0,255)). Supports My Tokens.

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