The Slider Field allows users to slide through the values of an array. It offers dual handles, floating point values, text/label/select output.

On submit, it will generate the following tokens: [<FieldName>] (which yields the value), [<FieldName>:StartValue], [<FieldName>:EndValue].


  • Initial Value

    • Determines which value or interval (e.g.: 10, 20) is initially selected. Also sets the number of slider handles, either 1 or 2. This field supports My Tokens.
  • Start Text

    • Displays the initial value/text of the slider and therefore the position of the first handle.
  • End Text

    • Displays the highest value/text of the slider.
  • Help Text

    • Description of the option; appears beneath the handler.
  • Min Value

    • Value setting the minimum slider value.
  • Max Value

    • Value setting the maximum slider value.
  • Step Value

    • Value setting the slider step value.
  • Slider Captions

    • Append Slider Captions. For decimals use ".". Can contain form tokens (for example [Email]) and

      My Tokens. Example: One (Name) - 1 (Value), Two (Name) - 2 (Value).

  • Slider Caption Classes

    • Append Slider Caption Css Classes. Can contain form tokens (for example [Email]) and

      My Tokens. Example: label label-danger (Class) - 1 (Value), label label-success (Class) - 2 (Value).

  • Width

    • Determines the slider width in px, em or percentage.
  • Display Tooltip

    • Determines if the tooltip with the current value is displayed.
  • Slider Orientation

    • Sets the orientation (horizontal, vertical) of the slider.

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